Smile Gallery

A 42 year-old male who had a full mouth rehab with porcelain crowns.


A 25 year-old male who restored several broken and decayed teeth with porcelain crowns.


A 61 year-old female unhappy with front teeth, who had limited treatment with porcelain crowns.


A 32 year-old male who replaced an old, worn out bonding.


A 77 year-old female restored to ensure long-term function and excellent aesthetics.


A 40 year-old female with severe gum disease, who chose traditional full dentures to restore her beautiful smile.


A 28 year-old female who had a dark front tooth whitened.


A 44 year-old male that had entire upper arch restored with implants and porcelain bridges.


A 24 year-old female with a chipped front tooth, restored with bonding.


A 48 year-old male who had six front teeth restored with porcelain crowns and veneers.


A 17 year-old female who chose composite bonding to improve aesthetics of a deformed tooth.